A horror-themed writing workshop that is anything but scary. Think Scooby-Doo meets Tim Burton.

Designed specifically for the 6-to-12 age group, HauntINK features an immersive storyline with haunted mansions, century-long family secrets, and typewriters that go clack-clackety-clack at night. You will be able to interact with a host of characters, ranging from mysterious heiresses to shady psychics. Who knows you might even get to confront a vengeful spirit or two!

HauntINK also features a strong element of exploration, in addition to roleplaying, skits, and other interactive activities. The workshop will take place in a haunted house environment that participants ivestigate for clues. By creating a sense of total immersion and control over the storyline, we encourage participants to pay active attention to their surroundings and be emotionally engaged at all times.

These activities are a fun, efficient way for us to introduce the following writing skills:

1. Describing setting with all possible senses. Our haunted house will incorporate spooky sounds, scents, and textures, encouraging participants to move past the

tendency to rely solely on visual descriptions.
Creating suspense and atmosphere. We will emphasize the importance of the

unknown in creating suspense and tension, an important skill to have regardless of what genre you are writing in.

3. How to conclude a story. Without giving anything away, let’s just say that the ghost of the mansion needs your help to find peace and closure...

Will you solve the mystery of the haunted mansion?

Nov 17 - Nov 19, 2014
[ Mon ] - [ Wed ]
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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